What Clients Say About Red Cape…

Where to begin with a team as amazing as Tiffany and her group? Since early 2021, my business social media, newsletters, graphics and behind the scenes communications for my group coaching programs have been handled by Red Cape. I do not worry about a thing! Everything is prepared in advance with plenty of time for my review and approval (very few changes, if any, any more). Their design work is beautiful. Any questions or concerns I have are responded to immediately. I’ve never felt in better hands with any other business service provider. Thank you Tiffany! 

Connie Whitesell

Founder, Scattered to Streamlined

Tiffany and her team were an absolute joy to work with! They helped me create the visual identity for my company. I really enjoyed the combination of personalised attention, professionalism and rapid response time. I recommend Tiffany to everyone, it is a fun and uncomplicated way to get support for your online business.

Vivian Theodoropoulou

Founder/CEO, No Limits Vivian

Tiffany and her team at Red Cape Consulting helped guide me through the process of putting together SOPs for both my website design and social media management processes. She did a great job of keeping me on track and produced a great document for each that my subcontractors can easily follow along with. If you are looking to streamline your business operations, RCC should be your first choice.

Nikole Haumont

Founder, Shield Bar Marketing

I have had the opportunity to see Tiffany and her team at Red Cape Consulting in action supporting a variety of colleagues and mentors. In every instance, their level of service, technical acumen, and true concierge support in facilitating meetings is phenomenal. Additionally, I had a wonderful experience working with Tiffany’s team on my business logo and look forward to the opportunity to engage her team on a broader level. Red Cape Consulting provides phenomenal support to solopreneurs and small business teams.

Sara Sheehan

Owner/Executive Coach, Sara Sheehan Consulting

My experience with Red Cape has been incredible. Tiffany is very organized and professional yet gets to know her clients on a personal level. Initially, I hired her as a consultant to start up my new business. She stepped in and took time to understand my new business, collecting data to help make a game plan. Not only did she provide excellent tools that were customized for my business, she also took time to introduce me to other resources to help get my business up and running. After my business was all set up, I knew she could continue helping my business stay on track and grow, so I hired her as my coach! My new business startup process was so smooth compared to other business owners I’ve talked with. Tiffany really did step in with her red cape to save the day!

Sarah Nelson

Owner/Baker, Sabbatical Vibrations Bakery

I was introduced to Tiffany through another business owner who highly recommended her to me. I’m a small very small business with 3 employees. My year of struggling with employee issues and not having the right documents in place to protect me was stressing me out daily. I hired Tiffany not really knowing what to expect, but quickly found her services were just what I needed. I was blown away by her knowledge and take charge of something you feel is out of control. She has a solution for anything you feel is a problem. After our first call I felt better that finally I found someone who was not only going to help me, but really listen to my problems and worked with me find the solution that worked with my business model. She’s a true asset to any business and the best money I spent investing in my business.

Stefanie Thompson

Owner, Pintler Insurance, LLC

Working with Tiffany has changed how I look at and operate within my business. I’m an artist, and I didn’t think looking at certain areas of my business were important. For example, my business finances were an area I ignored for years. As long as money was coming in, then there was no need to look at the details. However, I wanted my business to grow, and looking at those details had to happen in order for growth to occur. We looked at my finances, and she set me up with a plan I could easily follow and a growth plan with goals I’m excited about. Her expertise and guidance has helped me feel more confident in running my business. Plus, having someone guide me, encourage me, and push me past my comfort zone is important. Working with Tiffany was the best decision I could have made for my business, and I’m looking forward to continued growth with her by my side.

Jacqueline Bindl

Owner/ Jeweler, Jacqueline Renee Jewelry

It was a great experience working with Tiffany. I was very happy that she organized our business group and helped us create our identity, goals and ethics. Tiffany moved us forward with a plan that will help us succeed and reach our short and long terms goals. I highly recommend Tiffany for any business owner or management team that wants to improve and organize their business.

James Benincasa

Owner/Broker, BLS Consulting

Tiffany is amazing! She has supported me to organize a new program, which has brought in thousands of dollars already, and is on track to double my income in the next year. In addition to her outstanding tactical support, Tiffany is a real joy to work with. She is timely, efficient and cares about her clients. I highly recommend her to any business owner who wants to grow their business with ease and joy!

Karen Cappello

Owner/Master Certified Coach, Karen Cappello Coaching

Tiffany at Red Cape Consulting has been such a great asset for our company. She has really taken the time to get to know each of us in our office, and our company as a whole. Everything she has suggested we have implemented, and I can already see great changes in the way we operate. She dives in deep and helps you construct and improve policies, procedures, operations and even you individually. I immediately felt comfortable speaking to her and would recommend her services to anyone.

Jordan Smith

Office Manager, Pintler Insurance, LLC

It was a pleasure working with Tiffany with our Visions, Mission and Values exercise. Her insight and direction are clear and directive for a good conversation. The results are applicable to what our group needed to accomplish. She kept us on task and within the time frame allotted during our meeting times. I would recommend her services to make your business better, profitable and moving forward in a clear direction.

Jodi Nielsen

Senior Account Executive, Cost Segregation Services

I just started my own business and wanted help setting up a system that works for me. From the very start Tiffany was invested in getting to know me — the good and bad, my strengths and weaknesses. As a result of working with her I now feel empowered by the things that scared me.

Jennifer Mertz

Owner, Jen Mertz Creative

Tiffany understood exactly what I was trying to accomplish and acquired the right person to help me succeed. Thank you, Tiffany and Sarah.

Lenore Frances

Owner/Designer, Lenore Frances Home Interiors

Tiffany is a dream to work with. She helped me to gain clarity around my business and marketing, helped to organize and focus my marketing so I can scale up. Her and her team do an amazing job at creating content and getting it out on front of the right people as well as taking care of specific tasks that freed me up to do what I love , coach! I recommend her for all your business and marketing management needs! 

Cheryl Thacker

Founder, Successful Coaches Enterprise

I recognized the value of a social media presence but felt the learning curve to take the DIY route was not a productive use of my time or creativities.

I was referred to Red Cape Consulting (RCC) and I just jumped. BEST DECISION EVER!

Through my work with Tiffany and her terrific colleagues, I have been able to fine-tune my own passions, interests and expertise to more effectively communicate my business to my ideal clients.

I feel that RCC is my concierge to social media marketing and connectivity. They have been attentive and professional and have delivered!

For many entrepreneurs the road to success seems like an enormous bite to take. RCC helped me bring a certain practicality to the overwhelm.

David Kincaid

Founder, David Kincaid Coaching

I’d been talking about offering a group training program for the past couple of years but managing the whole process from promotion to registration and then ongoing maintenance and support felt overwhelming to do on my own. I also use a sophisticated CRM and campaign management program that previous assistants had not been able to handle. Tiffany and her team offer a wide variety of services to support a small business but what I love most about working with Red Cape Consulting is that they made me feel they were my personal team. I’m a solopreneur and that can often be lonely when you’re trying to do everything yourself. I’ve hired virtual assistants in the past and contractors to do specific tasks but it just felt transactional – “do this – pay for this – done!” Tiffany was always there for me – whether it was to encourage me to set more realistic goals or aspire to higher ones, nudge me a little to take action, provide me with appropriate and attractive graphics, do battle with my CRM provider, or even offer a little moral support. What I most appreciated about Tiffany was that if I said that something didn’t feel right to me or my business for any reason, she reassured me that following my instincts was always the right decision. She is the perfect combination of technical expertise, business savvy, and professionalism.

Sandra Clark

Founder/Owner, LinkedIn Mentoring

During the beginning of the pandemic, I wanted to find something to do to improve my career and how I performed in my job. Coaching seemed like an obvious choice and I knew the perfect person to help me on that journey. I had had conversations with Tiffany in the past about job performance and personal satisfaction, I knew her mindset and how she operated. I knew she would be the perfect person to do the coaching and would be able to give me quality feedback. I wanted to figure out what I wanted from my career and to stop going through the motions and trying to move in a direction that I did not really want to move in. Through the process, I came away with new insight into what I wanted and what others saw in me that I wouldn’t have been able to hear without Tiffany’s help. I loved the direct and honest approach that Tiffany takes. She makes feedback very helpful, negative, and positive, without making me feel bad about any of the negative. I feel like Tiffany helped me to realize some of the things I was doing were not in line with my goals and what I actually wanted from my career. I would highly recommend Tiffany as a coach and if you’re considering it, do it. You will only gain from Tiffany’s insight and support. 

Kristen Langguth

Dentist, Park Dental Ridgepark

Tiffany has been a great insight into my business. Sometimes when you are “in” something so deep your vision gets a bit clouded. She came in interviewed my employees, looked at our systems and helped really define my business, set clear expectations, make us all really proud of what we created. She took the time to get to know my company, employees, and systems. This, in turn, resulted in better communication and a clear vision of the road we want to go down. Before Tiffany I felt my business had no direction, we have a great business with lots of opportunities we were just spinning our wheels by not being as organized as we could be. Now we can grow, with confidence. Tiffany is also the first person I call when I am stuck now, whether it be an employee issue, a system not working, a budget. It is nice to know she is there when I need her.

Brandy Chase

Founder, Profile Transaction Management

Tiffany is extremely professional, has a great understanding of business needs and is always looking for things that you can improve. She adapts quickly to changing circumstances and implements quickly with her technology knowledge. I highly recommend her services.

Natacha Sommer Carvalho

Executive Coach, Natacha Sommer

Red Cape Consulting has been a fantastic asset in building my company. Tiffany’s knowledge of business startups and detailed mindset made planning the future of my business easy and fun! She is incredibly professional, and her advice is always spot on!

Nesha Thomas

Founder/Owner, Up Your Digi

Red Cape Consulting has helped me in many ways from branding, digging into my numbers, social media marketing, helping me look at setting up long term and short term goals, giving me insight on my interviewing process, and holding me accountable. As a small business where I have been the only person making decisions for years, it has been great having someone to run ideas by and get feedback from. Thanks, Tiffany, for all of your help.

Dr. Chad Koterba

Owner/Chiropractor, Ultimate Health Chiropractic

Tiffany is truly talented! She can streamline anything you put in front of her. Once she is done with that…she will go finding more areas to improve your business. The only reason we didn’t stay working together is she fixed it all and then there weren’t any other areas for her to work on until we grew and broke her systems….which took me 3 years to do. I would take her back in a minute. If you are considering her for a project you have the RIGHT person for the job and will not be disappointed.

Christy Kimbrel

CEO/Realtor, The Exceptional Home Team at Keller Williams Premier Realty- Lake Minnetonka

Tiffany worked with our group, which was a group of 8 business professionals, to define our mission, vision and goals in early August 2019. Tiffany took us through her process and by the end of the day, we felt more aligned, focused, and on the same page. We walked away with practical ways to improve how we work together and a system to stay on track. We have seen dramatic improvement in the group’s communication and results! Isn’t that what it’s all about! Our group has now grown to 11 business professionals who share a single mission and are moving forward to achieve our goals. We couldn’t have done it without Tiffany’s help. I recommend Tiffany to everyone. She is a great asset to have on any businesses’ team!

Barry Sorenson

Vice President, Business Banker at Highland Park