These holidays, we can learn a LOT from the ‘Ugly’ holiday sweater. This is a beautiful reminder to embrace everything about your brand that makes it unique.

The bits and bobs, the bows, tinsel, striped candy canes, 3D pom poms, sparkly snowflakes, and all!

So let’s talk about the 2H Marketing Formula in marketing (a little something we came up with): Humor and Heart.


With your marketing, try not to take yourself too seriously! At the end of the day, you serve living, breathing people, and not robots with credit cards, right? Use humor to cut through the noise and create a direct connection with your audience.

How can you make Marketing FUN again?

Run a giveaway or sweepstakes – Either something free or with very few strings attached. A successful giveaway can boost your engagement numbers like there’s no tomorrow!

Take the edge off – Think puns, witty references, analogies, maybe even tie in seasonal themes to set the tone! Yet try not to start too far from your brand.

Publish interactive content – Host complimentary live Q & A session with your clients, engage with your comments and offer free advice, there are so many ways to play this one!


Sure, the ‘Ugly’ holiday sweater can be itchy…But it’s got a ton of Warmth and Spirit. What a beautiful thing to bring into all aspects of our lives…especially our marketing efforts!

What is the secret to marketing with Heart?

✨Personalize don’t Generalize!✨

The next time you write your marketing content…Picture an actual person, with real needs, real pain points, and real hopes for the future.

Write directly to them!

This is a great way to engage with the person and not sell to a client. Remember…

“Brand advertising is the icing. Living your brand is the cake.” – Amy Radin, Pragmatic Innovation Partners LLC

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