Since 2018, Red Cape Consulting has been the marketing engine behind some of the most respected names in the global coaching community.

From career consultants to transformational leadership coaches, we assist brilliant and busy impact leaders like you in meeting their most audacious goals! Our highly experienced team of marketing specialists is at your service.

Integrity and empathy drive us. We understand how hard it is to grow your business AND run your business simultaneously. Let us take marketing off your plate so that you can focus on doing what you love.

Meet the awesome team you’ll be partnering with!

Tiffany Pavelka

Founder, CEO, Marketing Expert

Kevin Thayer

Tech & Ops Manager

Shalyn Getz

Marketing Manager

Sarah Nelson

Client Project Manager

Jazzell Castanaga

Admin Assistant & Graphic Designer

Anne Giguere

Brand Graphic Designer

Susan Jerrell

Senior Copywriter

Hope Berk

Social Media Manager

Chris Bartnick

Senior Copywriter

Our Mission

Red Cape Consulting specializes in relationship-based marketing, leveraging the latest tools and strategies to transform thought leaders’ visionary ideas into tangible, impactful outcomes. We empower them to cultivate authentic, life-long connections with their audience.

Our Values

We value AUTHENTICITY and integrity in every single interaction.

We display EMPATHY for your journey with respect, care, and thoughtfulness.

We strive to form lasting RELATIONSHIPS to help you achieve your wildest goals.

We care about open, honest, heartfelt COMMUNICATION, and taking personal responsibility.

We ensure there is an ALIGNMENT between our delivery and our promises by measuring and reporting on specific metrics and milestones.

“It’s been great having someone to run ideas by and get feedback from.”

Red Cape Consulting has helped me in many ways from branding, digging into my numbers, social media marketing, helping me look at setting up long-term and short-term goals, giving me insight on my interviewing process, and holding me accountable.

As a small business where I have been the only person making decisions for years, it has been great having someone to run ideas by and get feedback from. Thanks, Red Cape, for all of your help.

Dr. Chad Koterba
Owner/Chiropractor, Ultimate Health Chiropractic

“Red Cape has helped me organize my marketing so I can scale up.”

Tiffany and her team are a dream to work with. They have helped me to gain clarity around my business and marketing, helped to organize and focus my marketing so I can scale up. They do an amazing job at creating content and getting it out in front of the right people as well as taking care of specific tasks that freed me up to do what I love – Coach! I recommend Red Cape for all your marketing management needs!

Cheryl Thacker
Founder, Successful Coaches Enterprise

“I recommend Red Cape to everyone, it is a fun and uncomplicated way to get support for your online business.”

Red Cape is an absolute joy to work with! They helped me create the visual identity for my company. I really enjoyed the combination of personalized attention, professionalism, and rapid response time.

Vivian Theodoropoulou
Founder/CEO, No Limits Vivian

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