You’re doing amazing work in your coaching business…

Wouldn’t it be great if you could focus in your zone of genius, and not on your marketing?

Red Cape gives you clarity and peace of mind by making your marketing effortless!

If you have BIG business ambitions, yet find that there aren’t enough hours in the day to make them happen, or if you don’t have a concrete and consistent plan yet to manifest that level of success in all aspects of your marketing…

We step in and create a personalized relationship-based marketing strategy to propel your business forward.

Think of us as your eyes in the sky and your boots on the ground.

You can rest easy knowing your brand presence, your website, your social media, and your online courses are aligned and streamlined, and actively engaging your ideal clients.


"Right after we launched my website, I received a TON of compliments. Thank you Red Cape!"

I came to Red Cape after feeling really disconnected from my past brand, so much so I didn’t want to market my own business. Through working with Red Cape, I was able to clarify my offer even deeper and market a brand I love.

Right after we launched my new website, I received a ton of compliments! In working with Red Cape, I felt like they got me and what I was trying to build, they were responsive and cheered me on when I was feeling overwhelmed.

Tiffany really has a knack for marketing and a strong eye for branding. I love what we created, and once again, I am excited to share my work with the world. It can be so lonely as a solopreneur, and it was so refreshing to be able to work through that with someone I could trust.

Brandy Chase
Founder, Brandy L. Chase

"We are now exploring multiple streams of income, thanks to Red Cape!"

Red Cape has definitely helped us scale our business. Never in a million years did I think that within our first year and a half, we would enroll 46 organizations in our training! Without our partnership with Red Cape, I don’t think that would have been possible. We are now able to focus on working “in” the business versus “on” the business.

We LOVE the forward-thinking approach with our social media! Red Cape helps us look ahead for each quarter and strategically build on the last to create financial gains in our business. We are so impressed with how they’ve been able to evolve our social media messaging and synthesize our knowledge to put together a robust strategy.

Kathy and Brad Lambert
Co-founders of KBL Impact Partners

“The whole team is really warm, friendly, and approachable. I’m surprised at how quickly they turn things around.”

Before Red Cape, I handled much of the marketing and operations single-handedly. The few times I hired a VA, we would eventually run into communication issues or reach an impasse where they couldn’t accept feedback. Red Cape changed all that! I hand over my newsletter formatting and delivery, my video publishing, and aspects of my website design and messaging to Red Cape – and I just know they’ll do a wonderful job!

The whole team is really warm, friendly, and approachable. I’m always surprised at how quickly they turn things around too. What would take me over 30 minutes, takes them 5 – tops. I’m now able to stop fiddling with logistics and enjoy my business. Thank you, Red Cape!”

Sandra Clark
Founder, LinkedIn Mentoring

Explore Our Marketing Services

Brand Alignment

Colors, archetypes, voice, vision, mission, values, brand strategy, and so much more – Discover your unique brand identity.

We’ll connect the pieces of the puzzle to help you show up consistently and authentically with the clients who dream of working with you!

Social Media Marketing

Posting reactively on a random Wednesday at 3 pm won’t fetch you any significant results.

Get a relationship-based social media strategy planned out 3 months in advance. We align every last post and graphic in your authentic voice, with your larger vision in mind to help you unleash the full potential of your social profiles.

Website Creation

Your website is your online HQ – It needs to strongly reflect your spirit, your talents, and still be strategically positioned to speak to your ideal clients.

This is where our amazing marketing strategists, copywriters, graphic designers, and developers step in.

We’ll create a beautiful, user-friendly site that makes an emotional connection with your audience and tells your unique story.

Online Course Creation

This is your bread and butter. Let’s get it right!

We help bring your teachings to life by streamlining how your clients interact with your online courses.

Our specialists pick the best platform for your needs, build out the backend, and create highly-engaging sales and landing pages.

When things flow, your clients are happy, and when your clients are happy, you can make money while you sleep!


We work with leaders just like you

to help them reach their most audacious goals! Our team specializes in relationship-based marketing strategies for coaches, consultants, and thought leaders across the globe.

Get an exclusive team

that is accessible and easy to reach on multiple channels – no matter the question or hiccup – we’re here to help. We fully invest in a collaborative, service-oriented mindset so that your needs are always a priority.

Imagine the results
(and the relief)

once you transition from reactive posting to strategic planning months in advance – allowing you to spend more time in conversations with your clients.

Benefit from a forward-thinking approach

by getting a marketing roadmap to capture future opportunities and maintain your growth momentum months and even years down the line!

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