This month, we’re celebrating our 5-year anniversary at Red Cape!

I’ve been thinking about where I’d like us to go in the next 5 years…And I realized it’s going to involve two very specific things:

✨ Continued Experimentation

✨ Intentional Growth

As with most small businesses, fine-tuning our client demographic is always a given! It can be challenging to figure this out in Year 1 or even Year 2. It’s an ongoing journey – and we learn by trial and error. And hey, sometimes we get it wrong and start over 🙂

So I’d love to continue attracting amazing, like-minded Business and Executive Coaches who share our values. And who are truly committed to nurturing meaningful relationships with the clients they are meant to work with.

On that note, I’d love to explore the concept of Intentional Growth.

What is Intentional Growth?

Choose growth or get complacent, it really is that simple. Growth is not a given. It does not just happen. In fact, motivation and strategy inspire growth. And growth inspires immense clarity.

Let’s look at an example…

Evolving Our Mission Statement

Do you evolve your Mission statement every few years? I’d be curious to know!

👉 Here’s Red Cape’s Mission from 2018:

“We are on a mission to create a clear path forward that maximizes your business potential.”

👉 And here’s Red Cape’s Mission in 2023:

“Red Cape Consulting uses the power of relationship-based marketing to help brilliant thought leaders build life-long connections with their audience. We leverage the latest tools, tactics, and trends to bring their big-picture vision to life in an authentic and lasting way.”

What a difference! There’s no way I could have articulated all that back in 2018.

I made an intentional choice to rebrand the business and that inspired immense clarity!

Today, our Mission speaks specifically to Business and Executive Coaches. And once we niched down our services to focus on marketing, strategy, and operations – Our Mission statement became as clear as day!

What Benefits Have I Witnessed with Intentional Growth?

In business – I’ve been able to niche down and focus on my core services. This has helped me hire better, acquire clients easier, and develop systems and processes to streamline our whole team (sprinkled across three countries)!

In life – I’ve been able to do what I promise our clients – Take back my time! I have a trusted team around me which means I don’t have to run the ship 24/7. The relationships we’ve built at Red Cape are a wonderful legacy that I’m so proud of.

In fact – Over the last 5 years, Red Cape has had 17 team members, 63 clients (and counting), and we’ve fostered over 2,500+ social connections with their ideal clients. 🥳

THAT is the power of Intentional Growth!

And as we wrap up Red Cape’s 5-year anniversary celebrations, I wanted to give a HUGE shoutout to all our amazing clients. You inspire, enrich, and energize our work at Red Cape every single day and make this journey so worthwhile!

❤️ Thank you for being a part of our lives as we join forces to create a ripple effect of change, and open new channels of innovation, creativity, and connection through authentic and lasting relationships.

Let’s make our next 5 the most memorable yet.

Would you like to propel Intentional Growth in your business? The results are amazing!

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