Human Resources Management Services

Alleviate the burden of HR on other company resources by trusting Red Cape Consulting to handle your HR needs.
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I can help with employee relations, conflict resolution, annual employee reviews, performance improvement plans, development of company policy and procedures, compliance, full-cycle recruitment and more.



Are you tired of dealing with employee problems? Are you experiencing low morale and employee engagement? Do you have limited resources to manage expectations? Red Cape Consulting has a proven and effective process that can help you create a happier more productive work environment.


Knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing, where you want to go and how you’re going to get there are essential in building a strong foundation for your organization, as well as creating trust and happiness in your employees and customers. Red Cape Consulting can help plan your future.


Red Cape Consulting can help ensure the policies and procedures your business has in place are designed to guide you towards growth and success.


From performance metrics to profitability Red Cape Consulting is prepared to help you better understand — and improve — accountability.


Are you tired of wasting time and money on hiring the wrong candidates? Red Cape Consulting can set-up a full-cycle recruitment and hiring system to ensure you are hiring the right people.


Do you know what your responsibility is as a business from an HR perspective? It can be difficult to keep up with the ever- changing laws, rules, and various acts that a business must abide by. Red Cape Consulting can make sure that your processes are complete so that you can have peace of mind and your company is safeguarded from potential legal ramifications.

How do I know if hiring a Business Consultant is right for me?

You see no clear path forward!

My Mission

I believe when you are doing something you love it’s not work. I believe in finding joy in life and getting rid of or changing up what isn’t bringing you joy. Sometimes that means partnering with someone you trust to help you get things done. Having the right people on your team can elevate you and those around you. I believe doing good for the greater good and communication and transparency builds trust. My relationships are very important to me and I value and support the authenticity in all of us.


“Tiffany has been a great insight into my business. Sometimes when you are “in” something so deep your vision gets a bit clouded. She took the time to get to know my company, employees, and systems. This, in turn, resulted in better communication and a clear vision of the road we want to go down. Now we can grow, with confidence.”

Brandy Chase

Founder, Profile Transaction Management

“I’m a small very small business with 3 employees. My year of struggling with employee issues and not having the right documents in place to protect me was stressing me out daily. I hired Tiffany not really knowing what to expect but quickly found her services were just what I needed. She’s a true asset to any business and the best money I spent investing in my business.”

Stefanie Thompson

Owner/Founder, Pintler Insurance, LLC

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