Being a business owner is like starring in your very own Romantic Comedy 💕

It has ALL the elements of a Meg Ryan movie from the 90s:

❤ Desire – “How can I grow my business and attract more clients?”
❤ Distraction – “Maybe I could hire a VA or two – That’ll do it!”
❤ Happy(ish) ever after – “Uh, some help is better than no help, I guess”
❤ Crisis! – “ARRGH, they haven’t responded to my emails in 2 weeks!”
❤ Epiphany – “I’d LOVE a marketing team that is reliable, passionate, and trustworthy.”
❤ Resolution – “Red Cape – Here I come!”

And the resolution is your happily-ever-after! This is the exciting part when you have a ride-or-die team by your side – and you’re ready to plan for a GLORIOUS FUTURE.

Here are 3 iconic romantic comedies – with 3 hidden meanings for Business and Executive Coaches today.

50 First Dates – The Commitment

A deeply moving story about the power of commitment.

50 First Dates is about a woman who has amnesia and loses all memory of her boyfriend when she falls asleep. Every morning, he has to win her over – again and again – and he does so, religiously!

Now that’s commitment!

As a Business and Executive Coach, you might find yourself exploring VERY familiar territory as you evolve each day. Sometimes, that means going back to the drawing board to…

✨Rethink your marketing strategy every 3 months

✨Re-invent your offerings (and retire old ones)

✨Refresh your BRANDING!

And sometimes that simple refresh can attract more clients than you ever thought possible! In 2023, we encourage you to tread old ground. Revisit your branding, your offerings, and your marketing – Figure out what stays – And what goes!

“It’s not the strongest species that survive, it’s those that are most adaptable to change” – Charles Darwin.

Mamma Mia – The Color

It’s colorful. It’s heartfelt. It’s energetic. It’s Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia is a vibrant musical that celebrates the beauty of life even when it throws you curveballs. It invests in the spirit of adventure and unknowing. In the importance of life-long friendships!

Business Coaches, let’s take note. Life is constantly handing us the unexpected. We must learn to duck and weave as we EVOLVE with our business. Our #1 tip? Inject HUMOR into your marketing!

Research shows humor is linked to higher brand engagement!

✨Use funny anecdotes to show off your personality (and tell your story)

✨Use wordplay and nostalgic references that your audience is sure to connect with

✨Use the power of parody – Can you do your own version of a popular song to send your business message across? GET CREATIVE!

And finally…

Dirty Dancing – The Courage

Dirty Dancing is an amazing movie, don’t you think?

It’s a beautiful story about breaking traditional stereotypes – and finding a sense of daring to follow your heart! And it’s about a passion that grows deeper as you invest in what you love most.

If you’re a Business and Executive Coach – You can 100% relate to this theme.

Think of your social media as a glitzy ballroom with plenty of room to sway(ze), twirl, pirouette – and YES even pull off an ICONIC LIFT – so long as you have a dance partner with the right core strength 🙂

👉 Would you like a reliable, trustworthy, and expert MARKETING PARTNER to navigate your ‘happily ever after’?

We invite you to a Complimentary Conversation Today!