Sara Sheehan – Success Story

Meet Sara:

Executive Coach & Change Consultant

Sara Sheehan has had phenomenal success in management consulting for close to 30 years, having worked with the world’s leading consulting firms and Fortune 100 companies.

Mastering the people and change perspective, Sara has spent the last few years transferring her corporate expertise to her own consulting and coaching business, and seamlessly guiding clients through big business transformations from a human capital perspective.

Partnered With Red Cape On: November 2021

The Challenges

What challenges did Sara want Red Cape to address?

Sara is a naturally strategic thinker and planner with a brilliant mind for business. However, she found that striking a cadence with all the various components of her marketing single-handedly at least a month in advance proved to be a challenge.

Eager to create a system and a plan, Sara envisioned having a strategic partner who could help channel her business talents into a robust and effective marketing plan, specifically streamlining the process of posting to social media.

Sara found that, as with a lot of business owners, she wasn’t implementing a lot of the things for herself that she otherwise advised her clients to do in terms of creating a key message over time.

Why did Sara face this challenge?

Having a steadily mounting list of business duties to attend to, Sara’s primary challenge was to be able to ‘get out of her own way’ as she defines it, and create a process that added a forward momentum to all of the thought and planning.

With her heavy workload and time constraints, as well as being new to handling regular posting on social media, Sara needed an experienced team that had worked with comparable coaches and consultants in the past.

What initial solutions or marketing companies did Sara try prior to Red Cape?

Sara initially attempted to handle all aspects of her marketing herself, and found that she was reacting in real time rather than scheduling in advance.

The Solutions

Why did Sara choose Red Cape?

Sara became acquainted with Red Cape through Karen Cappello’s QSI group and admired the execution of Karen’s marketing, social media, website, and newsletters.

She had an instinctive feeling that it would be an ideal partnership, as she found herself deeply resonating with the clients Red Cape worked with; primarily in supporting executive coaches and consultants in running their businesses smoothly.

Based on the progress Sara observed between Red Cape and other clients on social media, she could already envision how her own relationship with Red Cape could be very beneficial and diversify into other areas of her business over time.

How did Red Cape help Sara solve this challenge?

Sara was able to get out of the scrambled mode she initially found herself in and receive the support to really fine-tune her planning in advance.

This allowed her to create an effective marketing plan and tap into a very strong and memorable online presence. She was able to lean into a very consistent look, feel, and voice across all her properties that deeply resonated with prospective clients.

How did this solution impact Sara’s business?

As Sara likes to put it, “Working with Red Cape has absolutely made my life better.” In those first few months, Sara noticed a huge increase in her visibility as she started getting calls for potential consulting projects and found herself top-of-mind with her ideal clients who reached out after she began showing up on their feeds.

In 2021, Sara was able to get a huge consulting project with an individual she already knew from the past but followed up after noticing her increased social media presence.

She says, “I absolutely believe that having the professional support, the visual design, the branding extension on my social media made a big difference”.

What was the timeline?

In the first 5 months, Sara was able to 17x her social media reach, moving from 66 to over 1,100 views at the end of the fifth month. She has seen a huge surge in her engagement, picking up over 100 followers during this time.

The Road Ahead

Were there any unexpected/surprising benefits that Sara was also able to receive with Red Cape?

Right from the start, Sara had a natural instinct that the partnership would be beneficial, and hasn’t looked back since. Because of these very positive results on her website and social media, Sara is now able to strategically explore paid, earned, and shared media to further grow her presence.

Has Sara signed on for additional services than what she initially engaged Red Cape for?

Sara initially engaged Red Cape to create her business logo and was so pleased with the results, she signed on for social media branding and posting, which proved to be a huge weight off her shoulders.

In time, Sara handed over to Red Cape her website rewrite and redesign, creating her business cards and letterheads, strategizing and implementing a lead capture campaign for her newsletters, and setting up her paid membership community.

What benefits does Sara anticipate long-term with Red Cape?

Sara anticipates a very positive trajectory for her business with Red Cape.

Upon the successful completion of Phase 1, which was finessing her owned media and setting up her paid community, Sara now plans to follow up on that success to expand her footprint on the paid, earned, and shared media side.

Sara is pleased to report that her level of organization is much higher. She is excited about showing up more consistently and professionally in her branding, content, and visibility.

With Red Cape by her side, Sara continues taking back more of her time and is looking forward to exploring other exciting ventures. She is currently working with a publicist, appearing on business podcasts to grow her visibility, and is releasing a book chapter.

Sara Sheehan continues to do amazing work with those in corporate leadership roles who want to sprint their way up the corporate ladder through a highly personalized approach.