Nancy Hanks – Success Story

Meet Nancy:


Partnered With Red Cape in January 2024

With over 20 years of experience as a metalsmith and designer, Nancy merges her love for geology and craftsmanship to create unique heirlooms from her global finds. Believing that every stone, metal, and speck of dirt tells a story of the Earth’s wonders, she founded Skin of the Earth to ignite curiosity, creativity, and connection through exploring the world’s marvels.

A lifelong geology enthusiast with a passion for exploring Earth’s mysteries, Nancy is on a mission to unite geology, jewelry, and storytelling in a collaborative space that engages fellow travelers, makers, and enthusiasts. She does this through her blog which explores the unique geology of global locations, uncovering hidden gems and crafting bespoke jewelry and home accessories that echo their essence.

The Challenges

What challenges did Nancy want Red Cape to address?

One of Nancy’s biggest challenges was focus and definition. She knew she wanted to combine her interests in jewelry, geography, and travel. She also knew she wanted to create something that would speak to the heart of a global community and ignite curiosity, creativity, and connection.

However, with dozens of flow charts and hundreds of ideas, Nancy wasn’t sure how to combine her vast interests into a cohesive end product or how to get it off the ground. “I was really doing a deep dive into what this was going to be, how to make it work, and what it was going to look like,” Nancy explains.

Why did Nancy face this challenge?

Nancy said that while she had worked on other business’s websites, she had never had a blog,  website, or business of her own. Nancy needed help getting everything in order from conception to editing to marketing and bringing it forth. 

“I needed a supportive team. I could not do this by myself, and I didn’t have the tools or the best know-how. I could take a stab, but I wanted somebody who could really help make it happen,” she says.

What initial solutions or marketing companies did Nancy try prior to Red Cape?

Nancy worked with a few individuals but found that the continuity wasn’t there and that her idea was so novel that no one had the experience to accomplish her goals.

The Solutions

Why did Nancy choose Red Cape?

Nancy knew Tiffany from past friendships and had watched Red Cape grow. “I knew their history. I knew some of the clients’ backgrounds, how they had worked, and what they had created. And so there was a comfort level there just from seeing what had been done and knowing a little bit of the history of the company,” Nancy shares.

After talking with Tiffany, she knew Red Cape was exactly what she wanted. 

How did Red Cape help Nancy solve this challenge?

Red Cape created a website that successfully incorporated all three of Nancy’s interests: geography, jewelry, and travel. Nancy got her business off the ground because she had continuous support to flush out ideas and get feedback on concepts, design, and content. She loved that all the resources she needed were available without her having to vet and find copywriters, designers, or law and marketing experts.

“It would’ve taken much longer and would’ve been without recommendation. I would’ve just been shooting from the hip or picking out of the blue. So that was hugely helpful. Working with Red Cape is a lot of fun, a lot of humor, and great input,” Nancy adds. 

How did this solution impact Nancy’s business?

Having started with nothing, Nancy loves her new website and blog and has also been getting positive feedback from both. “It’s been fun because people comment and have their own stories. It’s making it a cooperative place to share those adventures and discoveries, which was exactly the goal.”

What was the timeline?

The website project took a few months, but Nancy says that was because of her pace. “They could have been ready to go much sooner than I. They turned things around so quickly.”

The Road Ahead

Were there any unexpected/surprising benefits that Nancy was also able to receive with Red Cape?

Red Cape helped Nancy with social media to get the word out about her new website. She was unsure how to present it, what the schedule should look like, and how to set it all up and was thrilled that Red Cape took care of setting up the social media aspect.

Has Nancy signed on for additional services than what she initially engaged Red Cape for?

The next plan is to add a store to her website for her jewelry and home accessories. She loves that Red Cape has allowed her to take a phased approach to her business and has stayed with her each step of the way. 

What benefits does Nancy anticipate in the long term with Red Cape?

Continuing to build relationships within the geology, jewelry, and travel communities is a long-term benefit. These connections will be Nancy’s resource for building and growing Skin of the Earth.

“Red Cape will be my resource wherever I go with Skin of the Earth,” Nancy says. “I would strongly recommend them and have.”