Meg Hall – Success Story

Meet Meg Hall, MS, RN, NEA-BC:

Transformational Leadership and Life Coach, Holistic Healer, Healthcare Consultant

Partnered With Red Cape On: January 2024

Providing services in the healthcare industry has been Meg’s life work. She spent 40 years as a healthcare provider in various roles, from nursing to administration and program development. Her 35 years of leadership experience as a seasoned healthcare executive for top healthcare systems, over 20 years of leadership coaching experience, and 15 years of holistic care and health coaching enable her to be a catalyst for health, life, career, and leadership transitions and a partner for creative and effective healthcare practices and operations.

A passionate leader, Meg uses her depth of knowledge to support healthcare and other service industries in living a values-based, authentic life filled with joy, balance, and purpose through her leadership, life coaching, and holistic care. She also provides strategic guidance to help healthcare organizations improve efficiency, streamline operations, and improve the overall quality of services

The Challenges

What challenges did Meg want Red Cape to address?

When transitioning from her previous healthcare administration role to launching her coaching and consulting business, Meg felt overwhelmed when she thought about creating her website, updating LinkedIn, and syncing all of her calendars. 

Because she offers a wide variety of services, Meg wasn’t sure how to organize and simplify each service to make it understandable to potential clients. She also wanted to update her LinkedIn personal and business profiles to match her new business in a clear way.

Why did Meg face this challenge?

As a healthcare administrator, Meg explained that she had always had administrative assistants, so everything had always been taken care of and set up for her. As an entrepreneur, she was on her own. 

“I’m not technologically savvy, and so that was just overwhelming for me to think about,” Meg shares. “I was really struggling with how to put out this menu of services and a little overwhelmed with all the options out there to build a calendar.”

The Solutions

Why did Meg choose Red Cape?

Meg had previously worked with Kevin on another website, and he had connected her to Red Cape. Meg said she felt a connection after speaking with Tiffany, a fellow Minnesotan. 

“I was very impressed with the initial discovery call. Tiffany’s real good at developing that initial relationship and was able to say, ‘Here are the things that we can help you with,’ and it just seemed exactly what I needed for this first step.”

How did Red Cape help Meg solve this challenge?

Meg was pleased with all of the components Red Cape provided: an easy-to-navigate website, calendar syncing, and a simplified social media plan. “They created a beautiful website that I’m getting lots of positive feedback,” Meg says.

“The other thing that helped was I was really scattered and torn about what I was going to do for social media,” Meg explains. She says getting direction to focus on one or two things at a time and not spreading herself too thin on every social media platform simplified the process and made sense.

How did this solution impact Meg’s business?

The website helped Meg get the word out about her business. It gave her the tools to share her services clearly and gave potential clients a simple way to contact her. 

“It’s really increasing exposure and making it easy for people to connect with me if they want service,” Meg says.

Meg also benefited from a new LinkedIn business page that went from 12 followers to 120 in just a few weeks.

The Road Ahead

Were there any unexpected/surprising benefits that Meg was also able to receive with Red Cape?

Meg was initially worried that the site would be confusing because of her multiple offers. But she has been pleasantly surprised by really positive feedback. She credits the way the website was built and the creativity of the writing in making a highly functional website that simplifies a big menu of services and makes it clear what readers are supposed to do. 

She was also surprised at how quickly Red Cape created her assets. 

“I was looking at a year’s timeline if I had to do it myself. You guys created the copy really fast, and you got the focus really easy and updated.

Has Meg signed on for additional services than what she initially engaged Red Cape for?

Meg says she will next talk with Red Cape about other support options as she grows her business.

What benefits does Meg anticipate in the long term with Red Cape?

In the long term, Meg is confident that she can access her website to add blog articles and make other edits as her business evolves.

“I think it’s increased my comfort level with managing my web page and calendar,” Meg shares. “I think we’re in a good space to move forward, and I feel like I’ve gotten the services very timely and in very good quality,” she adds.