Julie Starr – Success Story

Meet Julie:

Founder/Owner, Buddy’s Second Chance Rescue and Buddy & Friends Dog Daycare

Partnered With Red Cape in Fall of 2022

Before Red Cape, Julie was frustrated with her slow and unresponsive website management company. A year later, what started as a website maintenance engagement has turned into two websites and marketing projects in the works. Julie foresees increased business revenue from the dog daycare that will help support the rescue business.

The Challenges

What challenges did Julie want Red Cape to address?

Before teaming up with Red Cape, Julie was frustrated with her old website management company. They were slow to respond, fixing things was like pulling teeth, and it felt like they didn’t care about her needs.

Why did Julie face this challenge?

As the owner of a busy rescue, Julie relies on a website vendor for operations and maintenance to save time. Glitches in the website service, like the application section being inaccessible for almost two days, impacted the rescue’s operations. In addition to being unreliable, the service she had was expensive.

The Solutions

Why did Julie choose Red Cape?

After discussing her business challenges with her coach, Julie was referred to Red Cape. The coach’s recommendation prompted Julie to explore Red Cape’s services, and after meeting with Tiffany, she was convinced. 

Initially, Julie engaged Red Cape for website maintenance. Later, when she expanded her business to include a dog daycare, she hired Red Cape to create a new website for it. The positive reception and excitement surrounding the daycare website influenced Julie to also revamp her main rescue site, recognizing the impactful difference it could make for her business.

How did Red Cape help Julie solve this challenge?

Julie sought improved responsiveness and trustworthiness in her website provider, finding both in Red Cape. They promptly addressed her requests, and in more complex situations, like when live cameras went down, Kevin took the lead, handling technical issues and coordinating with external parties, sparing Julie unnecessary involvement. Julie values Red Cape’s proactive and reliable support, confidently believing they can efficiently handle any issues.

With this trust, Julie comfortably engaged Red Cape for a new website for her dog daycare business and a redesign of her rescue website.

How did this solution impact Julie’s business?

Since Red Cape took over website maintenance, there have been no issues with regular functioning, providing peace of mind. The revamped websites have received fantastic feedback for their user-friendly design and seamless navigation. Essential features like the join button and immediate access to adoptable dogs have enhanced user interaction, emphasizing Red Cape’s success in improving functionality and engagement on both the daycare and rescue sites.

What was the timeline?

Julie hired Red Cape in 2022 for website maintenance, then in early 2023 Red Cape created her dog daycare website, followed immediately by redesigning the rescue website. Julie says it was impressive how fast the websites were completed, and the perfected outcome. 

The Road Ahead

Were there any unexpected/surprising benefits that Julie was also able to receive with Red Cape?

Julie never thought of a website as being a big deal, but the excitement and expertise the Red Cape team brought to her dog daycare website project was inspirational. Then, once the site was live, the feedback showed that websites can make a big difference to the public and consumers. 

She appreciates the responsiveness and cost savings of maintaining her website through Red Cape. 

Has Julie signed on for additional services than what she initially engaged Red Cape for?

In addition to having website maintenance and doing two websites, Julie is now working with Red Cape on an email newsletter.

What benefits does Julie anticipate long-term with Red Cape?

​​Julie foresees significant long-term benefits for her company through Red Cape, primarily in growing the brand and attracting more customers to the daycare. This increased customer base will generate additional revenue, enabling the rescue to save more dogs. Despite operating within a localized service area in Western New York, the ability to reach a broad audience for donations and support, facilitated by Red Cape’s diverse products, is seen as a substantial advantage. Julie is excited about the potential for sustained growth and impact on her business.