Judy Cirullo – Success Story

Meet Judy:

Executive, Business, and Team Culture Coach

Judy is a talented Business Coach, passionate about helping leaders and teams navigate challenging conversations and make a positive transition in themselves, their team, and their culture. Raised on a farm, she learned the value of hard work and responsibility from a young age and built a thriving career in Physical Therapy which she enjoyed for 40 years, having owned and operated four practices in four states. During this time, she assumed the role of chief cook and bottle washer between interviewing, marketing, and running her business.

Backed by a wealth of experience, Judy set her sights on coaching. She wanted to hone her skills in developing other people and combine that with her clinical managerial and owner experience to move to the next level of people development. In 2015, Judy went to coaching school to become a certified professional coach.

Partnered With Red Cape On: July 2022

The Challenges

What challenges did Judy want Red Cape to address? 

Judy needed a framework to brand herself more accurately. As she started to shift away from speaking solely to audiences in the Physical Therapy space, she found that other areas were interested in her unique services and thus began to retool her branding and messaging. 

She wanted her new messaging shift to reflect not just one-on-one coaching but also her team coaching, team facilitation, and culture work.   

Why did Judy face this challenge? 

With her busy schedule as a business owner and coach, Judy found herself tolerating her branding even though she had vastly outgrown it. Through her Red Cape partnership, she was able to explore how many opportunities there were to retool her website. 

What initial solutions or marketing companies did Judy try prior to Red Cape? 

Fresh out of coaching school in 2015, Judy partnered with people who were recommended by the program to create her website. It did not reflect a cohesive message nor did it speak to any specific target audience due to a lack of strategy. 

At this time, Judy also ran her healthcare practice which prevented her from exploring her branding and marketing options further. Moving on to another marketing person, Judy was able to up-level a little and introduce her qualities to fine-tune her messaging. In time, she outgrew that as well and realized she required a more comprehensive branding and marketing framework. 

The Solutions

Why did Judy choose Red Cape? 

Judy met Tiffany in Karen Cappello’s coaching program and was impressed with how well Tiffany was able to provide social media assistance and answer Judy’s questions quickly. She adds, “Tiffany was always very kind and polite, and that’s something that stood out to me.” 

How did Red Cape help Judy solve this challenge? 

Judy has been pleased with her whole interaction with Red Cape and how the team was able to accurately weave together her vision of where she wanted to go and how she wanted to get there. She partnered with Red Cape to deliver her website, branding, and social media, and is currently working with the team to build out her online course. 

Being a Team Culture Coach, Judy especially appreciates the personalized conversations and relationships she was able to build with each team member, and find that crucial culture fit with the whole team. 

This came on the heels of past interactions with VAs and freelancers that included a lot of communication hurdles, language barriers, and delays in her process. 

“I think one of the things that really attracted me is that the whole team communicates well, and makes sure everybody is being updated and involved,” says Judy. 

How did this solution impact Judy’s business? 

Judy is so pleased with her new site and messaging, and loves how it flows with her offerings. She is now more confident in reaching and resonating with her ideal client base. 

“My partnership with Red Cape has helped me lay the foundation to build on – And that’s so valuable!” says Judy. 

Judy loves how aligned all her branding is across her platforms – from her website – to her social media bios – to every last social media post. This message alignment across platforms has helped bring new direction to Judy’s vision for her business, and even helps illuminate conversations with clients. 

What was the timeline? 

Within 7 months of partnering with Red Cape, Judy was able to establish a very strong foundation for her branding and marketing. She is generating amazing engagement numbers on her social posts and is already exploring passive income sources with her digital course. 

The Road Ahead

Were there any unexpected/surprising benefits that Judy was also able to receive with Red Cape? 

Judy has found an ease and a flow with Red Cape. 

She loves having access to experts in the Red Cape team – from strategists to tech and ops to get quick assistance. “This experience has been very, very positive for me,” says Judy. 

Judy also appreciates Red Cape’s attention to detail, and the pushback she gets on messaging or strategy ideas that do not blend with her vision.  

Has Judy signed on for additional services than what she initially engaged Red Cape for? 

Judy initially started with retooling her branding and website. Pleased with the results, she then signed on to market on social media to better connect with her ideal audience and expand her visibility. 

She is also getting Red Cape’s expertise with creating and launching her digital program, and is considering other marketing avenues like a monthly newsletter. 

What benefits does Judy anticipate long-term with Red Cape? 

Judy looks forward to an exciting future in her consulting and speaking business, Grow Strong Teams. She loves how well Red Cape has been able to jump in and position her brand in the most effective way for the long term. 

This has helped Judy take back more of her time and spend her energy in conversations with her ideal clients. Having a foundation to support her infrastructure and gain momentum in her business has been a huge game-changer. 

As a visionary, Judy appreciates having a creative and practical team like Red Cape on her side to get a timeline of how everything will flow. She is excited about putting all the different pieces of her marketing together – from her social media to her digital course – to seize big wins down the road! 

Judy Cirullo continues to do amazing work at Grow Strong Teams where she helps leaders and teams get out of the weeds, connect to their true purpose, and create a culture that drives the business forward. We wish her the very best in business and in life!