Connie Whitesell – Success Story

Meet Connie:

Business Strategist and Coach

Connie is a highly accomplished Business Strategist and Coach with a prolific background in the corporate world. Her early career involved working in a law firm, where she picked up valuable people and problem-solving skills, helping clients deal with various labor and employment issues. 

After obtaining an MBA with a Human Resources management emphasis, Connie started her 14-year HR consulting firm. By working with a business coach who helped her achieve tremendous clarity and growth, the seed was planted for Connie to leverage her talents in coaching, mentoring, and guiding business owners who also sought to exceed in their endeavors.

After relocating, and exiting her HR business in 2011, Connie underwent an intensive coach training program and launched her coaching business, Scattered to Streamlined Business Coaching. Her company works with small business owners who want to achieve their profitability goals faster by taking their brilliant, but often scattered, ideas and streamlining them into plans, systems, and habits that create immediate and long-term success.

Partnered With Red Cape On: October 2020

The Challenges

What challenges did Connie want Red Cape to address?

Like most small business owners, Connie found it exhausting to juggle client delivery while simultaneously handling the behind-the-scenes aspects of her business. With big aspirations brewing, she wanted to start a Facebook group for her ideal client audience but discovered she didn’t have the time or expertise to set it up and post consistently.

Connie realized her busy schedule kept her gridlocked in a stagnant space.

Why did Connie face this challenge?

For Connie, it was a combination of two things. She started attracting more clients and realized it would take her double the time to work on the operational and marketing arms of her business.

“It just didn’t make sense for me to spend my time on something that I knew nothing about and was not part of my genius work,” says Connie.

Her intuition led her to seek experts who could take those priorities off her plate so she could focus on doing what she loved most– coaching.

What initial solutions or marketing companies did Connie try prior to Red Cape?

Before Red Cape, Connie relied on piecemeal assistance for the behind-the-scenes aspects of her business. She had a designer set up her website and worked with a copy editor to develop some of her messaging. Connie also recruited a social media expert to take care of her graphics. 

Spending so much energy and time communicating with so many different people, Connie’s focus was drawn away from the group events and programs she had wanted to do for so long.

She realized the lack of cohesiveness and strategy would only take her so far so she began looking for one company that could do it all.

The Solutions

Why did Connie choose Red Cape?

Connie first came across Tiffany and Red Cape in 2019 through Karen Cappello’s group program. She was instantly impressed with Tiffany’s efficiency and professionalism in streamlining Karen’s operational and marketing functions, allowing her to focus on running the group program smoothly.

Seeing this, convinced Connie to reach out to Red Cape for help setting up her Facebook group.

How did Red Cape help Connie solve this challenge?

Initially, Connie recruited Red Cape to help set up, launch, and run her Facebook group after months of delay trying to do it herself.

Pleased with the results and reassured at finally having a team to bring her vision to life, the partnership grew. Upon deciding to run multiple group and half-day events every quarter, Connie enlisted Red Cape to handle the setup, landing pages, emails, client communications, and more.

“I would be so behind without Red Cape,” admits Connie. “I would never have done a Facebook group. And the group coaching that I do now, that’s such a vital part of my business, I don’t know that I ever would’ve started it.”

How did this solution impact Connie’s business?

“I experienced much better cohesion working with one team versus multiple freelancers and contractors,” says Connie.

With Red Cape at her side, she saved time and ensured her clients received a seamless experience. Confident in handing off more and more vital elements to Red Cape, Connie stepped away completely from the operational aspects of her coaching groups and programs to focus on what she loved.

“Our partnership is so seamless! What I love was, no matter my request, there was someone at Red Cape to deliver it for me,” says Connie.

This experience has lent Connie’s business a huge growth spurt. She appreciates getting last-minute help and quick responses from the Red Cape team.

Connie describes it as a business-defining experience because she launched vital programs and still kept the same excellent level of service for her clients.

What was the timeline?

Connie started experiencing the stated results as soon as she partnered with the Red Cape team.

The Road Ahead

Were there any unexpected/surprising benefits that Connie was also able to receive with Red Cape?

“I’ve been very impressed with the responsiveness of everyone on the team,” admits Connie.

She doesn’t recall any request being denied, saying, “If I have something urgent that is an issue or a question, I consistently get responses back quickly. So that has been incredible.”

Has Connie signed on for additional services than what she initially engaged Red Cape for?

Starting with her Facebook group set-up, Connie has also engaged Red Cape to set up and maintain the operational aspect of her half-day quarterly events that she began 3 years ago. 

She’s also gotten Red Cape’s help with marketing, branding, and efficiently running the quarter-long group events with multiple moving pieces.

For accountability purposes, Connie uses many tools and spreadsheets and has experienced a very streamlined partnership with Red Cape as she navigates all these pieces.

What benefits does Connie anticipate long-term with Red Cape?

Connie eagerly looks forward to building on the amazing growth she’s seen in her business over the last 3 years. She plans to engage Red Cape services to create a brochure and promote her Speaking services. Committed to further streamlining the client experience, Connie also plans to invest in a website rebrand to fine-tune her branding and messaging.

“It’ll be an interesting progression,” says Connie. “This year, my intention is to successfully run my quarterly groups for a year and make sure everything goes smoothly. Next year, I would like to incorporate those materials into a digital course or book.”

Connie Whitesell continues to do amazing work at Scattered to Streamlined, helping business owners take their brilliant ideas and streamline them into inspired plans, systems, and habits to achieve their goals in half the time. We wish her the very best in her journey!