Christine Hazen Molina – Success Story

Meet Christine:

Executive Coach, PCC, SCPC, Founder & CEO of Heartfelt Workforce

Christine ‘Chris’ Hazen Molina is a force of nature in business. After a prolific corporate career as a Human Resources Director for over 25 years at her family’s construction business, navigating an HR team to oversee 350+ employees, Chris saw an opportunity to remake her life and pursue her passions during the 2008 economic turndown.

She took a master’s level program in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica. This program was a turning point in Chris’s life – and Heartfelt Workforce was born. 

Today, Chris is fully immersed in what she calls her ‘divine assignment’, spearheading a five-member team to train high-potential workforces in Emotional Intelligence, human behavior, connection, and success in the workplace.

Partnered With Red Cape On: December 2021

The Challenges

What challenges did Chris want Red Cape to address? 

Chris initially needed a Virtual Assistant to take on her business’s technical and logistical tasks so she could focus her talents on client facilitation. 

After partnering with Red Cape, the possibilities opened up! She was able to explore how far she could go if she continued handing off other tasks like her social media marketing and website branding and focus on her talents. A year down the line, she describes Red Cape as, “an integral part of her business.”

Why did Chris face this challenge? 

Chris had big visions for Heartfelt Workforce and its tremendous potential, however, she quickly realized she couldn’t do it all herself. She says, “I was the chief cook and bottle washer, I did everything. But I also knew that wasn’t my strength. My strength was being in front of people, facilitating.” 

Before partnering with Red Cape, she was handling her own social media (“I didn’t know the strategy, it really wasn’t my expertise,” says Chris), and was even single-handedly handling client delivery. 

To actualize her vision, she knew she needed to outsource some of those activities to focus on her Zone of Genius. 

What initial solutions or marketing companies did Chris try prior to Red Cape? 

Chris worked with a graphic designer between 2013 to 2018 to create her marketing materials and branding, including her original website. She also hired a website professional from a social media training group to assist, however, it was still up to her to manage and update her site regularly. 

Chris realized it was time to refresh her brand and, as she puts it, “Step into a new era.” 

The Solutions

Why did Chris choose Red Cape? 

The connection was near-instant. Chris put out a message on Facebook asking for a Virtual Assistance recommendation. Karen Cappello, a mutual contact, suggested Red Cape, and Chris soon discovered that she could gain so much more than just Virtual Assistance – all under one roof! 

Confident in Tiffany and her vast experience, Chris signed on for social media during that first kickoff call and in time, branched out to several important aspects of her marketing. 

How did Red Cape help Chris solve this challenge? 

Chris instinctively trusted Red Cape right from the very first meeting. She says, “The team engaged with me immediately. They came together and asked the right questions to pull things out of my head.” 

As a result, Chris discovered who she was in her business, leaned into her authentic voice, and uncovered the message she wanted to share with the world.  

Chris loves how methodical and smooth the process with Red Cape has been, as the strategy for each quarter is planned in advance and is actualized just like she envisions. 

She says, “The solutions were continuous. The team keeps its promises and keeps me on track! I’m so glad we work ahead of time – That’s something I do with my clients but not in my marketing. Red Cape helped me create that alignment!” 

Her ‘ah-ha’ moment was being able to bring her social media, her branding, her website design and management all under one roof. 

How did this solution impact Chris’s business? 

Within a few months of partnering with Red Cape on her social media, an old acquaintance who had trained with her in 2018 saw her recent social media posts and reached out with an exciting proposition. Chris secured a long-term training engagement to teach Emotional Intelligence to his IT team. 

Chris now realizes the importance of being present and consistent with her social media messaging. “People may not always engage with your post in the moment,” she says, “however, it plants a seed!” 

She has also connected and engaged on LinkedIn with many leaders in her training and coaching programs. These leaders can now view her regular social media posts, which provide tips and tools from her programs to support their ongoing leadership growth.

What was the timeline? 

Chris started seeing amazing results with her polished and engaging social media presence. In her first five months with Red Cape, her LinkedIn reactions quadrupled, and the number of views on her posts nearly doubled. 

The Road Ahead

Were there any unexpected/surprising benefits that Chris was also able to receive with Red Cape? 

Pleased with showing up more professionally online, Chris is happy to continue investing in her marketing, refreshing her website, and nailing down her branding. While the partnership started out with social media, it has now blossomed to cover so many things that Chris had always sensed she needed help with. 

“I feel my business has a much more polished presence,” she says. “Even something as simple as a PowerPoint presentation needs to be consistent through every single presentation.” 

With Red Cape, Chris has enhanced her professionalism inside and out. 

Has Chris signed on for additional services than what she initially engaged Red Cape for? 

Chris has now branched out into social media marketing, nailing down her vision, mission, and values, re-designing her logo, completely rebranding her website and email marketing. 

“It’s so comforting to know that I have a go-to team,” Chris says,as opposed to trying to figure it out myself or contacting customer service in an area that I didn’t know anything about.”

What benefits does Chris anticipate long-term with Red Cape?

Chris happily reports that the foundational elements put in place by Red Cape are now a stepping stone to explore exciting opportunities. 

She is eager to look into creating online courses, expanding her team to take on more of the role of CEO and step away from client delivery at some point, podcasting, writing a book, and is even open to taking on new marketing opportunities as they reveal themselves. 

She says, “The Red Cape team is really on the cutting edge of all these marketing components. I know they have the expertise to take my vision and my business to its full potential.”