Brandy Chase – Success Story

Meet Brandy:
Inner Confidence Coach

Brandy is a talented and passionate Inner Confidence Coach, retreat leader, and entrepreneur, who discovered the value of coaching at a crucial point in her life. She emerged with real-world tools to better understand herself and her relationships.

Today, she helps women on a journey make that life-changing transformation to build a future they love. Her clients receive a series of tools, structures, and assessments to get in touch with their authentic values and move closer to a life of confidence and healing.

As Brandy puts it, “No matter what you’re going through, change is possible.”

Brandy also organizes 3-day retreats in Sedona to offer a fun community for women to grow, heal, and experience deeper connections with each other.

Partnered With Red Cape On: April 2018

The Challenges

What challenges did Brandy want Red Cape to address?

Brandy wanted to refresh her branding and website as they no longer represented her in an authentic way.

“It didn’t feel like me,” Brandy admits. “It wasn’t something I was proud to put out there.”

Her sticking point – She found it challenging to talk about what she wanted to do, how she wanted to show up, and how she wanted to put her work out there.

She soon came to realize how essential it was to clarify her offers before she could build a brand she was happy with. 

Why did Brandy face this challenge?

Brandy felt completely disconnected from her original website and brand – to the point where she didn’t feel like marketing it.

Eager to convey her message in an authentic way, her challenge arose due to a lack of clarity on her offerings.

She envisioned a brand that would resonate with the delicate nature of her coaching services in helping women who are on a difficult path build the inner confidence to move forward.

Brandy says, “My offerings just felt off to me. I could feel like I needed to find something more solid to wrap myself around so that I could market what I was offering.”

What initial solutions or marketing companies did Brandy try prior to Red Cape?

Brandy wrote her original website and worked with a graphic designer on her branding, but found herself quickly outgrowing it. She realized the need for a well-thought-out branding and website strategy that would deliver her message in a clear and authentic way over the long term.

The Solutions

Why did Brandy choose Red Cape?
Brandy knew Tiffany as a business acquaintance and received great support in organizing her previous business.

After reconnecting with Tiffany on social media and seeing how Red Cape was helping other coaches, Brandy had an instinctive feeling that she was ready to rebrand with Red Cape’s assistance.

Confident that Red Cape would help articulate her brand, her offerings, and her message, Brandy says, “It can be so lonely as a solopreneur, and it was so refreshing to be able to work through that with someone I could trust.”

How did Red Cape help Brandy solve this challenge?
Brandy is relieved to have clarity on her offers and now markets her brand with confidence! She also loves her new website and feels like it represents her beautifully.

“Red Cape took everything I didn’t even know I wanted and articulated it for me,” Brandy adds.

Apart from her branding, logo, and website, Brandy also engaged Red Cape to create eye-catching graphic templates for her social media. This has enabled her to fast-track the creation of her social media posts, and see excellent results in engagement. 

How did this solution impact Brandy’s business?
To her delight, Brandy received a ton of positive feedback on her new site almost immediately after launching. She adds, “This has really helped me market my offerings so much better – I’m so happy.”

Partnering with Red Cape has opened up the possibilities for Brandy. She appreciates having a reliable team on her side, allowing her to relax and focus on doing what she loves – coaching!

“Red Cape understood what I was trying to build, and they were responsive and cheered me on when I was feeling overwhelmed,” says Brandy.

What was the timeline?

Brandy started seeing results almost immediately with several clients complimenting her new site in the days following her launch. She was also able to sell spots for her retreat and witness an uptick in business.

The Road Ahead

Were there any unexpected/surprising benefits that Brandy was also able to receive with Red Cape?

Brandy is pleased with how much time she has saved. She clarified her offerings much faster and is now able to spend more time coaching her clients.

“It can be such a drain as an entrepreneur when you’re trying to figure everything out yourself. I just want to coach.” Brandy points out.

Brandy also loves how her new branding informs her ongoing marketing efforts – “I feel I have something to get rooted in!”

Has Brandy signed on for additional services than what she initially engaged Red Cape for?

Initially starting out with graphic templates for social media, Brandy signed on to have her branding, logo, and website delivered – and gained immense clarity on her offerings as a result.

What benefits does Brandy anticipate long-term with Red Cape?

Brandy looks forward to an exciting future with her coaching business. She is seeing an uptick in sign-ups to her 3-day Sedona retreats and is busy preparing for the upcoming one.

She is also excited about her new offering; an online circle of heart-centered women supporting women. It brings together like-minded women who want to find a sense of belonging and connection and empower their own healing.

Brandy is excited to explore these new opportunities and loves the assurance she’s found with the Red Cape team, knowing she has a group of experts to rely on if she needs ongoing help with her marketing.

She admits, “I send all my friends to Red Cape. I’m so grateful to market a brand that I love.” 

Brandy Chase continues to do life-changing work as an Inner Confidence Coach. She is looking forward to a bright and fulfilling future in her business as she helps women move past their challenges, and build a life of love, healing, and connection.