Beth Wilkinson – Success Story

Meet Beth:

Owner & Leadership Development Coach, Wilkinson Coaching LLC

Beth learned the value of teamwork and belonging from her large Italian family. With a degree in Christian Education and a talent for communication, she excelled in leadership development roles, empowering individuals to unlock their hidden potential.

Driven by her experiences, Beth became passionate about helping people flourish both personally and professionally. She believes that as individuals optimize their abilities, it creates a ripple effect, positively impacting the lives of those around them.

Beth’s holistic approach to leadership development coaching incorporates a safe haven where challenging conversations and hard truths can be faced. She helps her clients identify their unique strengths and challenges, develop a clear vision for their leadership journey, and implement practical strategies for achieving their goals.

Partnered With Red Cape On: January 2023

The Challenges

What challenges did Beth want Red Cape to address?

Beth faced several challenges with her website. Maintaining it on her own consumed a significant amount of her bandwidth, distracting her from coaching and growing her business. Her website didn’t accurately reflect her current work and didn’t speak to her ideal client.

Despite making good connections with prospects, the conversion rate into clients was lagging. The equation didn’t add up, so Beth asked a few leaders that fit her ideal client profile. They identified the issue was her professional presence and brand online. Recognizing the need for website that more accurately reflected her business, Beth trusted her intuition and decided it was time to invest in an update.

Why did Beth face this challenge?

Beth was trying to maintain her website on her own, and that wasn’t her genius work. “It seemed like it would be cheaper that way and frankly it wasn’t.”

What initial solutions or marketing companies did Beth try prior to Red Cape?

When Beth started her business, she built her own website to save costs. Working on updates and maintaining her website as the business grew and evolved was toilsome, and she gradually stopped updating it at all. After interviewing several website designers, Beth knew Red Cape was the right choice for the project.

The Solutions

Why did Beth choose Red Cape?

Beth met Tiffany through another coach, and immediately loved Tiffany’s approach. What stood out to Beth was the relationship building and marketing style – it felt authentic. Another reason Beth chose Red Cape was the practical and reasonable solution the Website package offered.

How did Red Cape help Beth solve this challenge?

The key for Beth was that Red Cape captured her voice and her brand in her website and online presence. With the addition of a revamped logo and overall brand, Beth’s social media platforms and website are now in sync.

Working with Red Cape felt natural for Beth. She says, “we were speaking the same language.” The project was easier because they had a mutual understanding of the importance of creating engaging marketing directed to Beth’s ideal client.

How did this solution impact Beth’s business?

Working with Red Cape significantly enhanced Beth’s professional online presence. Her ideal clients can now see themselves when they visit her website.

Beth’s closing rates have increased and she’s halfway to her full practice goal. “That makes me incredibly happy! I’m definitely on my way to where I want to be,” Beth adds.

The Road Ahead

Were there any unexpected/surprising benefits that Beth was also able to receive with Red Cape?

At one point in the project, the Red Cape team could tell Beth was having trouble giving feedback with the website draft. They connected for a late-night conversation, telling Beth the website would not go live until Beth’s voice was truly captured and she was proud of the end product.

Beth says, “it was above and beyond!” She felt Red Cape took the time to listen and present her brand accurately.

Another surprise was how much Beth loves her updated logo. “I take more joy in putting [my brand] out there.”

Has Beth signed on for additional services than what she initially engaged Red Cape for?

Beth also partnered with Red Cape for online event management for a free and a paid event. She also utilized Red Cape on a LinkedIn connection project that helped her reach her goal of over 2000 connections on the social media platform.

What benefits does Beth anticipate long-term with Red Cape?

Beth is relieved to have an updated website where she feels confident in her brand and messaging. She loves the case studies that Red Cape encouraged her to create for her website.  The case studies are great for prospective clients who need help conceptualizing the coaching process and provide real life results of Beth’s services.

The new website has already improved her professional appearance and her closing rates are improving.

Beth sees Red Cape as a support system she can leverage for special projects. As a small business owner, she appreciates knowing she can get the Operations and Marketing support she needs on a project basis.

Beth derives both joy and a sense of purpose from assisting C-suite leaders in the Real Estate, technology, banking, and finance sectors, enabling them to create exceptional and lasting impacts.