Alison Niermann – Success Story

Meet Alison:

Founder & CEO of Tilley Workforce Solutions

Alison’s professional journey is backed by a 20-year track record of translating business visions into people strategies and delivering highly innovative workforce solutions.

Her experience includes executing and implementing recruitment and HR initiatives to positively impact hiring, retention, and bottom-line results. Having worked at organizations spanning from start-ups and mid-size companies to global Fortune 500s, her career has provided an immense opportunity to lead internal recruitment teams and deliver top professionals across the nation.

After more than two decades of success, colleagues and partners encouraged Alison to branch out and start her own business, which she did in 2020. 

Tilley Workforce Solutions encourages imagination, transformations, and long-term commitments. Alison and her team strive to deliver immense value in every role, relationship, and return on investment.

The Challenges

What challenges did Alison want Red Cape to address?

Before working with Red Cape, Alison struggled with consistent branding, SEO relevance, and effectively communicating her company’s services to clients.

Why did Alison face this challenge? 

When Tilley was first created, they tried offering any and all HR services.  Discovering the need to find their niche, they began to pare down their offerings and needed a partner to help communicate what services the company provided. 

Additionally, Alison created the company’s website. Although she enjoyed the creative aspect, she found herself redesigning every month without consistency or the skillset to provide the ideal online presence. 

What initial solutions or marketing companies did Alison try prior to Red Cape?

After encountering challenges with large marketing companies that felt overwhelming and complex, she wasn’t impressed with the initial meetings with other companies and felt the questions were scripted with closing the sale as the top priority. Nothing about her other meetings felt personal. Then, Alison met with Tiffany from Red Cape.

The Solutions

Why did Alison choose Red Cape?

From the very beginning, Red Cape showed a deep understanding of Alison’s needs and took the time to address her specific problems in their discovery meeting. The honesty and synergy between them led Alison to choose Red Cape, appreciating their genuine understanding of her company’s identity and the necessary steps to achieve the next level of marketing.

How did Red Cape help Alison solve this challenge?

Alison says, “Red Cape did it all!” She didn’t know what she wanted in her logo and branding, yet Red Cape took her thoughts and ideas and created the a logo that represents the company well. The website and marketing content Red Cape created was “spot-on,” reflecting both professionalism and personality. 

How did this solution impact Alison’s business?
Red Cape’s branding and website made Tilley Workforce Solutions look like a real player in the game. Alison says it brought her company to the next level of professionalism, creating a polished appearance for prospects and current clients. She feels Red Cape’s work established a strong presence for Tilley Workforce Solutions in the competitive market.

Alison is thrilled every time a prospect calls as a result of an internet search. The SEO work is drawing new business. 

Everything Red Cape performed for Alison’s company helped solve her challenges: she has a solid brand, a consistent marketing message, and new clients now find her online. 

What was the timeline?

As soon as the website and rebranding projects were completed, Alison experienced immediate results. All the feedback they received on the branding and website was positive. Within a month, they started getting new website hits and inquiries from prospects as a result of the SEO work. 

The Road Ahead

Were there any unexpected/surprising benefits that Alison was also able to receive with Red Cape?

One notable advantage of collaborating with Red Cape was their willingness to provide coaching and guidance to Alison in areas of the project that required a deeper understanding of marketing and IT expertise. Alison says, Red Cape “was very open to just coach me as necessary on how to connect things or word things to make sure that the goals are being met.”

Not only did she receive a brand she loves and confidence in a beautiful website, but she also enjoyed the collaborative approach and professional coaching experience. 

What benefits does Alison anticipate long-term with Red Cape?

Long-term, Alison knows her audience will understand who Tilley Workforce Solutions is and recognize their consistent brand, whether on the website, newsletters, LinkedIn, or job postings. She believes the consistency will help establish trust with prospects and clients. She also anticipates continued increases in new business from internet searches. Both of those benefits are what Alison was looking for when she came to Red Cape.