We’re so honored to partner with some of the brightest names in the coaching and leadership industry. These are amazing wins and phenomenal results that we can customize for your business! Tap below to explore each story.

Sara Sheehan

Executive Coach & Change Consultant

With a brilliant mind for business, Sara found that striking a cadence with all the various components of her marketing single-handedly proved to be a challenge.

This is how Sara was able to channel her business talents into a robust and effective marketing plan.

Karen Cappello

Master Certified Coach, CEO of Karen Cappello, LLC

As an ambitious business coach, Karen launched her flagship program, and juggled the marketing, logistics, and delivery herself.

This is how Karen was able to streamline every little detail, explore exciting new business opportunities, and return to her Zone of Genius.

David Kincaid

Transformational Leadership Coach, Founder of David Kincaid Coaching

Being a naturally spontaneous and spiritual person, David regarded detailed planning as a handicap that would take away from his instinctive entrepreneurial chops.

This is how David was able to step away from the things that were detracting from his energy and scale his business.

Christine Hazen Molina

Executive Coach, Founder & CEO of Heartfelt Workforce

Christine ‘Chris’ Hazen Molina is a force of nature in business, and is deeply passionate about enhancing Emotional Intelligence in the workplace.

In growing her business, Chris found herself at a tipping point as she attempted to handle her marketing single-handedly. This is how she was able to fully embrace her divine assignment by creating Heartfelt Workforce where she helps teams and leaders bring more care, connection, and empathy to the workplace.

Kathy & Brad Lambert

Co-founders of KBL Impact Partners

Kathy and Brad Lambert are brilliant social impact leaders with the vision, the wisdom, and the talent to empower nonprofit organizations.

They worked tirelessly trying to navigate everything from the technical aspects of their training curriculum to their website management, taking them away from their Zone of Genius.

This is how they were able to align their marketing, and create financial wins for their business.

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