We’re so honored to partner with some of the brightest names in the coaching and leadership industry. These are amazing wins and phenomenal results that we can customize for your business! Tap below to explore each story.

Karen Cappello

Master Certified Coach, CEO of Karen Cappello, LLC

As an ambitious business coach, Karen launched her flagship program, and juggled the marketing, logistics, and delivery herself.

This is how Karen was able to streamline every little detail, explore exciting new business opportunities, and return to her Zone of Genius.

Kathy & Brad Lambert

Co-founders of KBL Impact Partners

Kathy and Brad Lambert are brilliant social impact leaders with the vision, the wisdom, and the talent to empower nonprofit organizations.

They worked tirelessly trying to navigate everything, taking them away from their Zone of Genius. This is how they were able to align their marketing, and create financial wins for their business.

Judy Cirullo

Executive, Business, and Team Culture Coach

Judy is a warm and talented Business Coach at Grow Strong Teams with a vision to help companies transition their leaders and teams to achieve a positive culture transformation. Judy found herself at odds with trying to work out her branding, marketing, and client delivery single-handedly.

This is how Judy was able to successfully make the transition from her 40-year Physical Therapy career into a coaching business and build a strong marketing infrastructure.

Christine Hazen Molina

Executive Coach, Founder & CEO of Heartfelt Workforce

Christine ‘Chris’ Hazen Molina is a force of nature in business, and is deeply passionate about enhancing Emotional Intelligence in the workplace.

In growing her business, Chris found herself at a tipping point as she attempted to handle her marketing single-handedly. This is how she was able to fully embrace her divine assignment by creating Heartfelt Workforce where she helps teams and leaders bring more care, connection, and empathy to the workplace.

Connie Whitesell

Business Strategist and Coach

Connie is a highly accomplished Business Strategist and Coach with a natural love for helping small business owners achieve their goals faster through streamlining their business.

For over 9 years Connie juggled her marketing, operations, and client delivery  – eventually realizing this prevented her from achieving her ambitious growth goals.

This is how Connie was able to launch her online group and programs, and get back on track with her vision.

Alison Niermann

Founder & CEO

Alison’s remarkable ability to translate business visions into impactful people strategies and deliver innovative workforce solutions led her to establish Tilley Workforce Solutions in 2020.

Prior to joining forces with Red Cape, Alison faced challenges in maintaining a consistent brand image. To address these concerns head-on, Alison decided to collaborate with Red Cape, seeking a comprehensive rebranding of her business and the creation of a fresh, inviting website that authentically reflected her company and its offerings.

Julie Starr

Founder & Owner

Before Red Cape, Julie was frustrated with her slow and unresponsive website management company.

A year later, what started as a website maintenance engagement has turned into two websites and marketing projects in the works.

Julie foresees increased business revenue from the dog daycare that will help support the rescue business.

Beth Wilkinson

CEO and Leadership Development Coach, Wilkinson Coaching LLC

Beth is a passionate Leadership Development Coach who helps executive leaders move beyond their high performance to extraordinary results. Maintaining her website on her own consumed a significant amount of Beth’s bandwidth, distracting her from coaching and growing her business.

Beth went from ignoring her website altogether to loving her website, brand, and online presence – increasing her client conversions.

Sandra Clark

LinkedIn Coach & Consultant

Sandra Clark is a highly talented coach and consultant with a passion for helping people excel on LinkedIn. She found herself shouldering her marketing and operations single-handedly alongside interacting with her clients.

This schedule became draining for Sandra, and she longed to engage with just the parts of her business she enjoyed.

This is how Sandra was able to move past hiring a ton of VAs  and rediscover the fun of engaging with her business.

Brandy Chase

Inner Confidence Coach

Brandy is a talented Inner Confidence Coach who helps women on a journey find the courage to trust themselves.

Passionate about her vision yet unsure about her offerings, Brandy found herself becoming increasingly disconnected from her brand. 

This is how Brandy was able to get a beautiful brand and website, articulate her offers, and go back to doing what she loves – coaching!

Sara Sheehan

Executive Coach & Change Consultant

With a brilliant mind for business, Sara found that striking a cadence with all the various components of her marketing single-handedly proved to be a challenge.

This is how Sara was able to channel her business talents into a robust and effective marketing plan.

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