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In most cases every business owner or entrepreneur will come to a point in their business when the following question becomes inevitable: “Do I really need someone to help me manage, or at least give me sound advice about my business?” If you’ve asked yourself that question, take heart. You’re not alone!
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Every business should have a regular checkup, a review that evaluates performance, systems, processes, people, overall efficiencies and more. Red Cape Consulting is here to help strengthen the health of your business.

I can ensure you’re pursuing the right opportunities, identifying the right markets and building the right relationships with my business development services.



When you partner with Red Cape Consulting you’ll experience a comfortable, successful, effective restructuring of your business. I can help with the alignment of corporate culture, structure and talent with your business goals, including M&A, shifting management styles, performance gaps, or downsizing.


Empower your people and improve your company’s overall performance by partnering with Red Cape Consulting. From helping navigate organizational changes to improving and planning employee productivity, engagement and training, I’ll help you get through any transition smoothly and effectively.



Alleviate the burden of HR on other company resources by trusting Red Cape Consulting to handle your HR needs. Employee relations, conflict resolution, annual employee reviews, performance improvement plans, development of company policy and procedures, full-cycle recruitment and more.



Let Red Cape Consulting research and analyze your systems and processes for recommendations on improvements in productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.



Red Cape Consulting offers specialized assistance in optimizing your company’s performance. I’ll offer insights and strategies that further improve what you’ve already established.



Sometimes you need a different perspective when facing critical business problems. Red Cape Consulting can assist you in overcoming business challenges and achieving strategic objectives.




Red Cape Consulting is here to help you take the first steps of refining your marketing strategy through analysis.

We offer a comprehensive package to help you make data-driven business and marketing decisions. This investment will help gain clarity on your marketing state and develop a marketing strategy.

You’ll walk away with a complete report that will give you clarity on your current marketing state, social media engagement, your competition, and suggestions to assist you in your strategic planning for both short and long term results that will positively impact your business growth.


Learning and growing are key opportunities that keep employees engaged. Red Cape Consulting is qualified to help you develop your own leadership skills, or those of your employees.


Strategic planning helps you focus on your business priorities and help you meet your short- and long-term goals. Red Cape Consulting can help you develop your company’s strategic plan or provide focus and direction to meet your company’s goals and objectives.



Your business needs an integrated marketing plan that includes a competitive analysis, marketing campaigns, strategies and techniques, resource designation and budget allocation. Red Cape Consulting can develop and implement a marketing plan that works for your company.



Starting a new business but not sure where to begin? Let Red Cape Consulting guide in making your dream come true. I can work with you from conception to launch and beyond.



While you focus on planning, developing, and reaching your strategic goals, Red Cape Consulting can help you implement strategies that affect the daily well-being of your business. Sometime, you need someone to execute on your ideas, let me help you achieve your goals while you focus on what you do best.


The Support You Need

No matter where you’re at within your business problems arise and sometimes you need an expert to help guide you to the solution! From start to finish we believe in truly listening and gathering the information that will help launch your business into its next season of growth. We’ll be there to support you in having more time, being more profitable, and finding joy in your work!  


Red Cape Consulting has helped me in many ways from branding, digging into my numbers, social media marketing, helping me look at setting up long term and short term goals, giving me insight on my interviewing process, and holding me accountable. As a small business where I have been the only person making decisions for years, it has been great having someone to run ideas by and get feedback from. Thanks, Tiffany, for all of your help.

Dr. Chad Koterba

Chiropractor/Owner, Ultimate Health Chiropractic

Working with Tiffany has changed how I look at and operate within my business. I’m an artist, and I didn’t think looking at certain areas of my business were important. For example, my business finances were an area I ignored for years. As long as money was coming in, then there was no need to look at the details. However, I wanted my business to grow, and looking at those details had to happen in order for growth to occur. We looked at my finances, and she set me up with a plan I could easily follow and a growth plan with goals I’m excited about. Her expertise and guidance has helped me feel more confident in running my business.

Jacqueline Bindl

Jeweler/Owner, Jacqueline Renee Jewelry