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Welcome to our curated showcase of transformation—where visions come to life, and brands are reborn. The Brand Ignite Package is more than just a service; it’s a journey towards uncovering the full potential of your brand, designed to resonate deeply with your audience and catapult your business to new heights of success.

Through our holistic approach, we’ve had the privilege of partnering with diverse businesses, each with a unique story. This page is a testament to those stories and the remarkable transformations we’ve achieved together. From crafting logos that encapsulate the essence of a brand, to developing websites that serve as a digital fortress, and aligning every touchpoint across social media, our comprehensive package offers a beacon of innovation and alignment.

Dive into our portfolio of success stories and witness firsthand the power of a cohesive brand identity. Each example highlights our dedication to capturing the essence of our clients’ brands, connecting them with their target audience, and propelling them towards their goals.

Let these examples inspire you as you consider the next steps for your brand. Imagine the possibilities when your vision is amplified by our expertise. Partner with us, and let’s ignite your brand’s identity together, crafting a narrative that not only stands out but stands the test of time.

Our work speaks for itself. Now, let it speak for you.

“Red Cape gave me a great foundation for my brand! The whole team truly cares about every client."

Before I partnered with Red Cape, I had an older website which was very cumbersome to navigate. I also realized my messaging needed a refresh as it just wasn’t speaking to my ideal client in the way I wanted.

When I met Red Cape and started talking about retooling my website, I had never really looked at my entire website as it was developed by someone else. I realized how my messaging was not entirely representative of what I do with my clients, and while there were gems in there – They just weren’t as clear as they could be.

With Red Cape, it was a seamless experience! I was able to align my branding, get a beautiful website, and gain immense traction with my messaging in a way that authentically reflects me. My favorite thing about Red Cape is the personalized conversations and relationships! The whole team truly cares about every client.

Judy Cirullo
Executive, Business, and Team Culture Coach

“I highly recommend them to anybody”

Working with Red Cape Consulting created the benchmark for all the partners we will choose to partner with in the future. Everything they did for us hit the mark 100%. The process was completely collaborative, professional, and they hit our goals. I highly recommend them to anybody that needs their services.

Alison Niermann
Founder & CEO, Tilley Workforce Solutions

“Red Cape is amazing!”

They have supported me to organize a new program, which has brought in thousands of dollars already, and we’re on track to double my income in the next year. In addition to their outstanding tactical support, Red Cape is a real joy to work with.

They are timely, efficient, and care about their clients. I highly recommend them to any business owner who wants to grow their business with ease and joy!

Karen Cappello, MCC
Business Development Coach/Founder, Karen Cappello Coaching