Are you a small business owner who uses Virtual Assistants and AI tools in your business?

We’ve all been there! Without endless budgets and large teams at our disposal, these are excellent options to grow much faster instead of single-handedly working on your to-do.

Yet at a certain point, juggling between all these moving pieces AND trying to grow your business while simultaneously handling client delivery can get – exhausting.

What is your alternative? Let’s explore that today!

Virtual Assistants & Contractors

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a wonderful way to handle small and repetitive tasks. For bigger tasks, not so much!

We have a wonderful client, Sandra Clark, who contracted with a couple of different VAs for a few years to manage her newsletter and CRM system. Not pleased with the results and dealing with communication and feedback issues, Sandra found herself doing a lot of the work at the last minute.

Another amazing client, Karen Cappello, tried working with a few Virtual Assistants from the Philippines and found that their graphics didn’t translate very well to her audience. There were also spelling and grammar errors that she had to correct.

Partnering with a VA is totally understandable in your early days of business – or even on an ongoing basis to perform non-essential repetitive tasks.

However, to run your marketing, you need a team of experts to avoid communications issues, do-overs, missing deadlines, and costly mistakes. Plus, you need a team who understands the importance of a long-term strategy to connect with your ideal clients!

This is one of the smartest ways to access a wealth of talent under one roof AND get consistent, dependable, and quality results at every step of the way.

Artificial Intelligence

ChatGPT has soared in popularity in 2023. Do you use it in your marketing? It’s a wonderful tool to spark your creativity, and generate fresh content ideas in a matter of seconds!

In fact, as AI language software continues to get more and more sophisticated, it has the potential to inform your marketing strategy to a certain extent.

Although the question looms – Can AI replace the human element in marketing? What do you think?

Ironically, we’ll let ChatGPT answer this question for us! 🙂

“ChatGPT, or any AI language model, cannot replace the human element in marketing or any other field. While AI language models have advanced capabilities in generating human-like text and answering questions, they lack the creativity, empathy, and personal touch that are unique to human beings.”

Well said! Use ChatGPT as a tool to generate new ideas and even spark the beginnings of your marketing vision. Rely on a human team to bring strategy, empathy, and personality into the mix.

We’d love to hand the floor over to you!

Do you use Virtual Assistants, Artificial Intelligence, and approaches like these to run your business? We’d love to hear from you.