Psst! Make sure your Marketing has…

A dash of Hot Chocolate.

A spoonful of Apple Cider.

A shot of Vanilla Latte.

And a sprinkle of Pumpkin Spice.


Today, we’re talking about these 4 delicious Fall drinks and why they are EXACTLY what you need in your Marketing strategy!

Hot Chocolate

What if your marketing was like Hot Chocolate?

Smooth and delicious…with a hint of spice!

Our Business Manager, Bai-Leigh Chapman is a Hot Cocoa lover and an Efficiency Guru.

She strongly endorses making your Marketing so smooth and easy – You can comfortably forget about it and focus on YOUR talents!

So here are 3 things you can do today to get started:

⭐ Turn it into a process – Are you manually posting to social media? Do you still respond to your mailing list individually? It’s time to automate those tasks.

⭐ Don’t juggle multiple contractors and VAs – That’s exhausting. Hire a team who can do it all!

⭐ Grow your mailing list – Collect emails with an attractive lead magnet, and nurture those relationships with regular newsletters. You’ll be so thankful that you have a ready-made audience to go to the next time you have a course or an offer to pitch!

Apple Cider

It’s fresh. It’s elegant. And it’s tangy!

Our Tech & Ops Manager, Kevin Thayer, loves Apple Cider. He’s also incredibly good at customer service and brings a lightness and freshness to his delivery!

This is such a great lesson for all of us.

How often do we get so mired in the day-to-day of our businesses, we completely forget that we have the opportunity to work alongside AMAZING people every single day?

In the spirit of Thanksgiving (and all year round), we invite you to take a moment and express your gratitude for the people who bring your business to life.

Vanilla Latte

How about some sweet with a subtle hint of espresso?

Kristin Miller, our talented Marketing Specialist, loves Vanilla Latte and coincidentally, brings a well-rounded blend of Sharpness (Strategy) and Sweetness (Creativity) to our clients.

Get yourself a team that can do BOTH!

In marketing, it’s so important to have a team on your side who can help you envision your BIG-PICTURE strategy AND bring it to life.

This is the surest way to see your visibility, your engagement, and your conversions consistently grow over time!

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Red Cape’s CEO, Tiffany Pavelka is loving her Pumpkin Spice Lattes this Fall.

Spicy and sweet, PSL is a Fall staple! Not to mention it feels like a warm hug for your soul.

Tiffany helps you navigate your marketing as a Business Coach and Impact Leader by adding a little bit of:

Spice – We’re talking strategy, accountability, and detail

Sweetness – You’ll also get empathy, care, and thoughtfulness

That’s a power-packed combo!

Would you like to incorporate these 4 powerful ‘ingredients’ in your marketing strategy?

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