There are 60,472 Business Coaching companies in the US as of 2022 (IBIS World).

Whew! It’s getting a little crowded, isn’t it?

How do you go from being just another ‘fish in the sea? It’s time to get authentic. It’s time to get really creative!

Take off the mask and show your clients who are really are. What drives you. What challenges you. This is an excellent way to engage with your audience, build connections, and give your clients a space to feel seen and understood.

In the interest of staying authentically you and channeling your creativity in 2023, here are 4 tips to try today!

Get ‘messy

Do you follow unspoken ‘rules’ when you engage with certain parts of your marketing – like when you’re recording your videos?

Enunciate your words.
DO NOT stutter.
Make eye contact.
Okay, not like that.
Look away, look away!
Blink again…slower this time.

Rarely do we give ourselves license to breathe. Space to just BE. Your business doesn’t have to be picture-perfect. It doesn’t have to abide by an invisible memo.

In 2023, we encourage you to play around with your marketing. Get ‘messy’. Get candid. Stutter and snort. You’ll be amazed at your audience’s response!

Stalk your clients from the bushes

Metaphorically, of course 🙂 Be curious about the platforms and content they’re interested in. Use a strong multi-channel approach – LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Emails to meet your clients where they’re at. The outcome? High visibility leads to high brand awareness!

Expose your camera roll

Use images from your road trip, your artwork, and the marathon you’re training for in a creative way in your marketing. This creates a story-telling connection that is incredibly endearing and relatable to your audience.

Drop your proof

A great testimonial can take you places! 88% of people read online reviews before making a purchase decision (Invesp). So don’t be shy to request testimonials and show them off!

Your marketing can be a game-changer for your business. And the beautiful thing is, you can CONSTANTLY evolve it. Think of it as your own little playground, open to experimentation.

Would you like to “joosh” up your Marketing in 2023?

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