You’re a brilliant (and busy) coach and thought leader who needs to show up for your clients…


Red Cape is ready to fuel your brilliance and deliver life-changing results for your business. If you want to focus on doing what you LOVE…

We completely understand. You’re not a marketer.

You don’t have the time to figure out your Analytics – what’s working and what’s not – or post regularly on LinkedIn. And frankly, you probably don’t have the energy or desire to micro-manage multiple contractors.

You want to focus on showing up for YOUR clients and staying in your zone of genius.

So let us show up for YOU.


Red Cape is a relationship-based marketing team. This means we strongly believe in nurturing meaningful client relationships to help you make an effortless and lasting connection with the clients you were meant to work with – and yes, boost your referrals!

Whether you need a gentle nudge to act on a wonderful marketing idea, a team to bring it to life, an honest opinion on whether your current clients are aligned with your vision, an end-to-end social media strategy in advance…whatever you need…

We meet your business where it’s at and open up the possibilities!

Let Us Take Marketing Off Your Plate

Book a 30-minute call and let’s get to know each other.

There’s no pressure to commit. Like you, we just want your business to get to the next level – effortlessly!


“Everything is prepared in advance with plenty of time for my review and approval.”

Where to begin with a team as amazing as Red Cape? Since early 2021, my business social media, newsletters, graphics, and behind-the-scenes communications for my group coaching programs have been handled by Red Cape.

I do not worry about a thing! Everything is prepared in advance with plenty of time for my review and approval (very few changes, if any, any more). Their design work is beautiful. Any questions or concerns I have are responded to immediately. I’ve never felt in better hands with any other business service provider. Thank you, Red Cape!

Connie Whitesell, PCC
Business Coach/Founder,
Scattered to Streamlined

“Red Cape gave me a great foundation for my brand! The whole team truly cares about every client."

Before I partnered with Red Cape, I had an older website which was very cumbersome to navigate. I also realized my messaging needed a refresh as it just wasn’t speaking to my ideal client in the way I wanted.

When I met Red Cape and started talking about retooling my website, I had never really looked at my entire website as it was developed by someone else. I realized how my messaging was not entirely representative of what I do with my clients, and while there were gems in there – They just weren’t as clear as they could be.

With Red Cape, it was a seamless experience! I was able to align my branding, get a beautiful website, and gain immense traction with my messaging in a way that authentically reflects me. My favorite thing about Red Cape is the personalized conversations and relationships! The whole team truly cares about every client.

Judy Cirullo
Executive, Business, and Team Culture Coach

“Red Cape is amazing!”

They have supported me to organize a new program, which has brought in thousands of dollars already, and we’re on track to double my income in the next year. In addition to their outstanding tactical support, Red Cape is a real joy to work with.

They are timely, efficient, and care about their clients. I highly recommend them to any business owner who wants to grow their business with ease and joy!

Karen Cappello, MCC
Business Development Coach/Founder, Karen Cappello Coaching


Brand Alignment

Colors, archetypes, voice, vision, mission, values, brand strategy, and so much more – Discover your unique brand identity.

We’ll connect the pieces of the puzzle to help you show up consistently and authentically with the clients who dream of working with you!

Social Media Marketing

Posting reactively on a random Wednesday at 3 pm won’t fetch you any significant results.

Get a relationship-based social media strategy planned out 3 months in advance. We align every last post and graphic in your authentic voice, with your larger vision in mind to help you unleash the full potential of your social profiles.

Website Creation

Your website is your online HQ – It needs to strongly reflect your spirit, your talents, and still be strategically positioned to speak to your ideal clients.

This is where our amazing marketing strategists, copywriters, graphic designers, and developers step in.

We’ll create a beautiful, user-friendly site that makes an emotional connection with your audience and tells your unique story.

It’s time to go back to doing what you love!

You don’t have to be a one-person marketing team. Or juggle between multiple contractors and VAs.

Focus on your zone of genius!

Your 15-Minute Social Media Checklist

Are you ready to transform your social media experience? With our free checklist you can discover proven and simple ways to grow your business organically. Ready to get started? Download our complimentary checklist today.