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We are on a mission to create a clear path forward that maximizes your business potential.

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Our experience and knowledge will help you identify where you’re going, plan your route, and take you there.

Business Development

Every business is served well by having a regular checkup, a review that evaluates performance, systems, processes, people, overall efficiencies and more.

Community Concierge

Support for coaches when enrolling and running your program and courses – behind-the-scenes support so you can do your genius work with your participants.

Our Approach

It’s important for us to really know our clients and what their vision is so that we can really be of maximum service in our time spent together. We always start with a deep dive into your current situation, past trends, and challenges as a basis for getting started. This really allows us to understand you and your businesses better. Furthermore, we are better able to co-create and define a roadmap that will guide you in moving your business towards your goals.


An essential part of our approach, this is where we get to know your vision and needs and identify any existing and/or potential bottlenecks. Together we figure out what is working and what isn’t and look for unseen opportunities to develop and grow your business.


More of the getting-to-know-you process, based on what is needed, we will interview your personnel, study your processes, review existing systems that are in place and conduct research. All findings are shared so we can proceed to the next phase of our approach in moving you and your company forward.


We channel our knowledge and experience to develop solutions that make sense for your organization such as new or updated processes, systems, training and development, performance improvement plans/individual coaching, cost reduction measures, business growth and strategy plans and beyond.


This is where we execute what’s outlined in the plan. How we move forward is up to you. We can do the work for you, coach you through the process as you make the implementations or we can partner to get things done. We can work with you on a long and short term basis. We would design a plan that works for you.

Our Values

Our values drive our actions and professional relationships. They reflect who we seek to do business with and the path we select to deliver extraordinary results to our clients.  We work passionately to enrich the client experience.


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What is Business Consulting?

What we do at Red Cape is offer a fresh perspective on your business activities. We will help you to identify solutions and maximize your strengths that will positively impact your bottom-line. We bring the skills and the strengths that may be missing and partner with you to help move your company and team forward in meeting your company objectives.

Who needs a Business Consultant?

  • You want someone to take a look at your business activities for inefficiencies.
  • Small business owners during the early conceptual stages to help get their company off the ground.
  • A business owner that wants to scale quickly but effectively. 
  • You have problem employee(s) that are disrupting your team’s productivity and focus.
  • You feel disorganized and unclear on the direction you want to take your business.

  • You have a negative work environment and don’t know how to turn it around.

  • You are acquiring or starting a new business but don’t know where to start.

  • You are feeling exhausted in running your company.

  • You are not as profitable as you want to be and are looking for more business.


Equal parts problem-solver, decision-maker and collaborator, I’m here to help you find peace of mind and clarity about your business opportunities.

After spending more than 19 years working primarily in office management, marketing, human resources, I know what it takes to encourage and manage change, restructure an organization, develop talent, facilitate learning, implement processes, and reach goals.

“It was a great experience working with Tiffany. I was very happy that she organized our business group and helped us create our identity, goals and ethics. Tiffany moved us forward with a plan that will help us succeed and reach our short and long terms goals. I highly recommend Tiffany for any business owner or management team that wants to improve and organize their business.”

Jim Benincasa

Owner/Broker, BLS Consulting

“I just started my own business and wanted help setting up a system that works for me. From the very start Tiffany was invested in getting to know me — the good and bad, my strengths and weaknesses. As a result of working with her I now feel empowered by the things that scared me.”

Jen Mertz

Founder, Jen Mertz Creative

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